Malahat First Nation showcases artwork at BC Ferries’ Mill Bay terminal

One of two designs now displayed at Mill Bay ferry terminal produced by artists Jeremy and Jordan Harry. (BC Ferries photo)

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VICTORIA — The Malahat First Nation is proud to showcase their artwork at the Mill Bay ferry terminal. In a March 13, 2019 press release, BC Ferries had stated that the artwork had come about after a small fire that damaged an one of the terminal’s outdoor enclosures last spring.

The new artwork was a result of BC Ferries working with members of the Malahat to refresh the property, the release stated.

The artists, Jeremy and Jordan Harry of Malahat, created the artwork on two panels which are now displayed on the terminal’s new wooden enclosure, the release noted.

Jordan and Jeremy Harry’s artwork now on display at Mill Bay ferry terminal. (BC Ferries photo)

“We are proud to showcase our artwork at the Mill Bay terminal,” Jordan said. “Our design is a representation of our community and we are pleased to share it with BC Ferries,” having noted that he is also pleased to share it with travelers (tourists) who pass through the terminal.

The first design is of two killer whales breaching as they hunt for salmon with the moon above. The second is a symbol for the nation, which includes the mountains, sun, and canoe, which represents the Malahat Nation as water people. Together, the designs also show of the earth, sky and life.

“The artwork of Malahat Nation is a wonderful addition at the Mill Bay terminal,” Mark Wilson, Vice President of Strategy & Community Engagement at BC Ferries, said. “The designs of Jeremy and Jordan Harry are striking. They have captured many beautiful elements of the local area.”